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Company Overview

Galt was founded with the premise of contributing to patient therapeutic needs by acquiring older proven yet viable pharmaceutical products which still address unmet needs in the current healthcare environment. The company applies superior pharmaceutical, managed care, clinical and marketing expertise to acquire, license and develop niche pharmaceutical products for distribution through a unique industry disrupting sales model. Galt currently owns FDA approved assets in the insomnia and pain markets, with products offering clinical advantages compared to currently promoted products in their respective therapeutic classes.

Pharmaceutical Industry Disrupting Innovation

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, one thing remains constant in that prescribers of medication still need to be educated on features and benefits of pharmaceutical products through sales promotion and education. Although the method of sales promotions continues to advance towards digital and other electronic channels, the human relationship with a sales representative is still essential. With the cost of pharmaceutical sales reps and expense account management becoming impractical in an era where margins for pharmaceuticals are eroding, a new model of personalized sales is needed. Galt has built a unique and efficient sales model that addresses today's competitive environment that emphasizes self-motivation, creativity and hard work based on a clinical and ethical foundation that ultimately keeps the individual patient therapeutic needs at the forefront.

Galt is the first and only pharmaceutical company which operates a national sales platform based upon the spirit of entrepreneurialism through Phranchising (Pharmaceutical Franchising). Over 300 sales territories have been created across the United States and each Franchise sales territory owner has incentive to leverage existing and new relationships within the medical/pharmacy community to drive sales that benefit their own business. Owners also have incentive to manage expenses and employ efficiency in their sales operations. Sales professionals, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and contribute to unmet patient needs by building their own pharmaceutical company business.

Company Mission/Vision

  • Vision
  • Principles

The founders of Galt have years of executive leadership in the pharmaceutical, managed care and health outcomes industry. Their years of experience has led them to develop the concept of a unique pharmaceutical company that leverages understanding of therapeutic market opportunities in relation to clinical evidence based guidelines, niche channel distribution and insurance reimbursement. Their vision is to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry model by personalizing the distribution of pharmaceuticals through relationships in the medical community built upon medical evidence and education that results in the right medication, at the right time for the patient.

Embrace and Support Entrepreneurism

Entrepreneurs take risks, face challenge and succeed through leadership and determination to achieve results. We believe by leveraging the human entrepreneurial spirit we will successfully de-centralize the pharmaceutical sales function. Our goal is to support our entrepreneurs with expertise and unparalleled commitment to provide resources that facilitate success. As successful entrepreneurs ourselves, our dream is to provide a platform for hard working business owners to drive their own success and build their own American Dream.

Serve the Patient through proven products and physician education

In a healthcare system that is rapidly losing the focus on the individual patient and their unique needs, we aim to bring back patient centricity to pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to bring proven reliable products back to the market that serve unmet needs for the individual patient. We understand that each patient is unique and that each drug is unique so through medical evidence and knowledge of the therapeutic market we are poised to help healthcare providers with expanded options for personalized care.

Create an agile organization through knowledge sharing, training and great people

Success depends on communication. We have all experienced one-sided communication which is generally impersonal and highly inefficient. On this journey together, we are focused on highly effective and honest communication that is well rounded to engage all parties in solutions that will achieve results. We strive to provide the tools and environment necessary to share knowledge and best practices through ongoing training, accessible support systems and great people. Our team is challenged every day to identify opportunities to guide your success on this journey – And, Galt is committed to supporting our team with training and resources that push personal and professional development that results in quick thinking and effective solutions to keep you and your business prepared and in the lead!

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