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Galt Teams Up with University of Alabama to Provide Experience for Students

May 12, 2020

Thank you and best wishes to the talented new grads from the University of Alabama

Galt Pharmaceuticals® teamed up with the University of Alabama to provide real-world experience to six seniors majoring in Information Systems, Statistics & Management Science in the Culverhouse College of Business.

The student group included Hannah Marlow, Natalie Vaughn, Jackson Bryant, David Ford, Jack Jones, and Linsey Medlin, who worked 20 hours per week for Galt. Students worked in roles such as project manager or computer programmer to write code for new functions for the website.

Galt Chief Information Officer Anna Claire Smith, who served as the student group’s client, is an Alabama graduate from the same program.

“The capstone project helped prepare me for my career, giving me experience with how to interact in a business meeting and the importance of follow up communication,” she said. “It was a very helpful life experience and we’re thrilled to offer that to students at University of Alabama today.”

Thank you to each of the students for your hard work, and best wishes to you as you graduate and move forward in your career!

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