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Galt Good

Galt Pharmaceuticals® was founded to be a business that makes a difference in the world. You can call it corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, citizenship or social good. We’re here to serve local communities and to make the world a better place with medications that answer unmet clinical needs.

Galt helps improve the quality of life and health of people in more than 500 U.S. Galt Phranchise territories.
Galt helps improve the quality of life and health of people in more than 500 U.S. Galt Phranchise territories.

Quality of life and health

Galt distributes medications that answer unmet clinical needs to improve patients’ quality of life. We focus on products such as sleep and pain management alternatives to help patients in ways that can be life-changing. We’re passionate about offering patients a “Complete Night Sleep”, fighting pain and fighting our country’s opioid crisis.

After the medication is developed, our focus shifts to the local community. Educating community physicians and partnering with local pharmacies equip the best professionals to counsel patients.

Serving communities

We partner with organizations with like-minded missions. For example, we’ve committed to donate a portion of the sales of our non-opioid pain management medication to a nonprofit that supports veterans that have served our country. Too many veterans come home with physical injuries and PTSD that lead to opioid addiction. We support the work of this great organization to help veterans as they heal their bodies and their spirits.

Additionally, we believe in engaging college students with real world applications. Galt partners with the University of Alabama for Advanced Management Information Systems students as well as Mercer University School of Pharmacy to offer students a post-graduate 12-month Fellowship in Medical Affairs Sciences.

Our passion is to serve and support small businesses that are the heartbeat of America. We choose to partner with local businesses like printers and caterers, as well as independent physician practices and pharmacists.

Helping patients

We make life-changing treatments affordable for every patient with our patient support program.

Every patient should have better health and better quality of life. That means every patient should have access to medications that answer unmet clinical needs. And they should be able to afford it.

When people in need of our medications experience hardships, Galt offers support. Patients, caregivers and providers are invited to call 855-965-2783 or email us at helpdesk@galtrx.com to learn more.

Galt Good = Making the world a better place

Galt’s people give back
Galt’s people give back
The Galt team loved assembling and sending care kits to these recently deployed Dobbins Air Reserve Base airmen, including the husband of a Galt team member.

We love when we hear how our employees make our communities stronger as individuals. Our employees can be found volunteering their personal time every week, including delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors, tutoring young students and volunteering for church missions and retreats.

We believe our employees’ compassion translates to helping our company make a genuine impact. For example, one Galt team member noticed a senior he delivered meals to was having a serious health issue. The senior needed medication, but it was unaffordable. It wasn’t a Galt prescription, but from this experience, the Galt employee was inspired to create our patient support program.

Volunteering for people in need helps us remember our patients are real people, some with real challenges who need real help.