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What Galt Pharmaceuticals® Does

Our Products

(Quazepam 15mg) Tablets C-IV

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Orphengesic Forte
(Orphenadrine Citrate 50mg, Aspirin 770mg, Caffeine 60mg) Tablets

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(Miconazole 50mg), Buccal Tablets

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Our Pipeline

Developing transformative medications that meet currently unmet needs requires a full commitment and investment to understanding the healthcare and disease landscape. At Galt we are finding a better way to make a difference in the lives of patients, their caregivers and physicians through research of new product concepts as well as exploration of new applications for existing medicines.

Galt Pharmaceuticals®' Products Pipeline

Our Patient Support Programs

Galt believes that it is important to not only develop and market medications that meet clinical unmet needs, but to also ensure that the people who need those medications are able to obtain them. Patients facing financial hardships who do not have insurance coverage for prescription medicines may be eligible for patient assistance support.

Our Galt Direct Help Desk is ready to support patients, caregivers and providers to ensure patient needs are met. Contact our Help Desk at 855-965-2783 or at helpdesk@galtrx.com.

Our Phranchise Program

At Galt Pharmaceuticals®, Phranchisees own their own business in their own local market. Galt has lowered the barriers to entry in the highly regulated and protected pharmaceutical marketplace, allowing an individual to own and operate a fully compliant community based, pharmaceutical enterprise through their own franchise territory. We’ve set up a win-win partnership for our company and entrepreneurs who own a Galt Pharmaceuticals® Franchise. Our trademarked term for a pharmaceutical franchise is “Phranchise™” and we refer to Galt business owners as “Phranchisees.” Why did we Phranchise? Because we're passionate about delivering exceptional pharmaceutical treatments through entrepreneurs who live in and care for the communities they serve.

Galt is the first and only pharmaceutical company to create this unique franchise concept. This concept differs from traditional franchising in that owners are not limited by what they sell themselves, in fact, owners do not warehouse, distribute or even touch the product. Galt franchising moves product representation and engagements from a corporate headquarters to a local territory.

Phranchisees provide education to local healthcare providers about high value medications and earn revenues on any drug sales which occur within their territory – which includes sales they fostered, as well as sales which may have resulted organically due to corporate initiatives and larger healthcare dynamics. Phranchisees share a percentage of sales with Galt who owns the pharmaceutical assets and manages functions such as drug research, regulatory approval, compliance and supply chain functions such as wholesaling and distribution to pharmacies nationwide.

Galt’s potential Phranchisees are made up of several groups. Primarily, Phranchisees are former pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals, as well as independent pharmacists. In some cases, they are entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have limited knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry but want to enter the dynamic industry. With a Galt Phranchise, these groups have a unique entrepreneurial opportunity that allows them to make a difference within their healthcare communities. Ownership allows these groups to have increased accountability and customer intimacy through shared community interest and entrepreneurial spirit.

Independent pharmacists

Independent pharmacists have built-in entrepreneurial spirit. They enjoy serving individuals in their community and finding solutions for unmet needs. Additionally, they value the ability to act fast without corporate red tape. Facing the challenge to remain financially viable with competition from national chains, independent pharmacists are paving new roads and reaping benefits for their business enterprise by being part of the Galt Phranchise system.

A Galt Phranchise allows this group the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and medical provider network, while expanding revenues and profiting not just from sales made in their own pharmacies, but from Galt product sales made by pharmacies across their territories.

Pharmaceutical industry professionals

Pharmaceutical industry professionals have years of industry experience and built relationships with an intimate understanding of their local medical community for years. However, they have no way to express their entrepreneurial spirit within the pharmaceutical industry because of traditional high barriers to entry.

A Phranchise allows this group the opportunity to own a small piece of the industry that they have spent years of blood, sweat and tears building to make profits for big pharma.


Entrepreneurs and businesspeople with expertise in other areas may recognize the potential of owning a pharmaceutical business but do not have industry knowledge. They are interested in creating a legacy for themselves and possibly for their families who may or may not be in the medical industry.

For those interested in owning a pharmaceutical business but lacking the industry knowledge needed to run a successful Galt Phranchise, Galt offers Management Services and can help manage their pharmaceutical businesses, up until a time they can own and operate their own territory.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Galt Phranchise Family, contact us at phranchise@galtrx.com.