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For a Non-opioid, Non-controlled, Multimodal Path to mild to moderate Acute Musculoskeletal Pain Relief...

Safety of continuous long term therapy has not been established; therefore, if prescribed for long term use, periodic monitoring of blood, urine and liver function values is recommended.

Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry through Innovation

Single Strength Now Available

Enhancing the lives of patients, entrepreneurs, our employees and the communities we serve.

What We Do

Galt’s unique model is based on continuously pursuing a better way to enhance the life of patients with products that meet their therapeutic needs.

Norgesic single strength

(Orphenadrine 25mg Aspirin 385mg Caffeine 30mg)

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(Quazepam 15 mg) Tablets C-IV

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(Miconazole 50 mg), Buccal Tablets

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Our Patient

Support Programs

Galt believes that it is important to not only develop and market medications that meet clinical unmet needs, but to also ensure that the people who need those medications are able to obtain them. Patients facing financial hardships who do not have insurance coverage for prescription medicines may be eligible for patient assistance support

Our Galt Direct Help Desk is ready to support patients, caregivers and providers to ensure patient needs are met. Contact our Help Desk at 855-965-2783 or at .

Why Galt Pharmaceuticals

In the 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the inspirational John Galt believes that an individual with a strong will and work ethic can break down manmade barriers and achieve anything he or she desires. Galt Pharmaceuticals was named after John Galt who represents the pursuit of a better way, a shared core value with Galt Pharmaceuticals. Galt’s better way is our unique model of delivering pharmaceutical care to enhance the lives of patients and the people who care for them.

A unique Pharmaceutical Company, Galt has found a better way to enhance the quality of life for patients with products that meet unmet clinical needs, while creating life-changing opportunities for entrepreneurs, our employees and the individuals within the communities we serve.