Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry
through Innovation

About Galt Pharmaceuticals®

In the 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the inspirational John Galt believes that an individual with a strong will and work ethic can break down manmade barriers and achieve anything he or she desires. Galt Pharmaceuticals® was named after John Galt who represents the pursuit of a better way, a shared core value with Galt Pharmaceuticals®. Galt's better way is our unique model of delivering pharmaceutical care to enhance the lives of patients and the people who care for them.

A unique Pharmaceutical Company, Galt has found a better way to enhance the quality of life of patients with products that meet unmet clinical needs, while creating life-changing opportunities for entrepreneurs, our employees and the individuals within the communities we serve.

Galt's founders believe there's a better way than big pharma and are disrupting the traditional in-efficient model that has resulted in higher pharmaceutical expenses that feed middle-men intermediaries and corporate bureaucracies. At Galt Pharmaceuticals®, local owners build their own pharmaceutical business in their own market focusing on healthcare provider engagement and product representation, locally. Galt is the first and only pharmaceutical company to create a unique franchise concept. Our trademarked term for a pharmaceutical franchise is “Phranchise™” and we refer to Galt business owners as “Phranchisees.”

Phranchisees provide education and customer service to local healthcare providers about high value medications and share a percentage of sales with Galt who owns the pharmaceutical assets and manages all traditional pharmaceutical company functions such as drug research, regulatory approval, compliance and supply chain distribution to the pharmacy level.

Galt's Pillars


Galt enhances quality of life of patients with medications that answer unmet needs with little or no out-of-pocket expenses for those drugs. Galt leverages business intelligence to identify, develop and bring high-value pharmaceutical products to market through a unique approach: Pharmaceutical Phranchising.


Galt enhances the lives of entrepreneurs and their families with the life-changing opportunity to own a business in an industry with traditionally high barriers of entry. The Galt Pharmaceuticals® Phranchise model is one of the most innovative concepts in the industry. Galt empowers hard-working business-minded people to build and own their own enterprise around a growing portfolio of needed medications coupled with community relationships, trust and exceptional personalized service.


Galt enhances the lives of employees by rewarding them for their support in building the dreams of entrepreneurs. Galt recognizes the importance of committed employees when supporting entrepreneurial-driven businesses.


Galt enhances lives in the communities it serves through the support of hard-working individuals and deserving small businesses or non-profit organizations.

Leadership Team

Galt has assembled a highly motivated and experienced leadership team that has been uniquely put together based on the growth needs of our distinct business model.

Wade Smith Pharm.D., Chairman and Co-Founder
Wade Smith Pharm.D.
Chairman and Co-Founder
Barry Patel Pharm.D., CEO and Co-Founder
Barry Patel Pharm.D.
CEO and Co-Founder
Tracey Define, VP Corporate Systems
Tracey Define
VP Corporate Systems
Kevin Vora, Director Business Development, Galt Phranchise Systems
Kevin Vora
Director Business Development, Galt Phranchise Systems
Anna Claire Smith, Chief Information Officer
Anna Claire Smith
Chief Information Officer
Manoj Amaraneni, Regulatory Affairs Officer
Manoj Amaraneni
Regulatory Affairs Officer
Alesha Hollinger, Marketing Director
Alesha Hollinger
Marketing Director

Business Development

Galt is actively seeking to bring innovative medicines to more patients through our unique business model and this drives our business development strategy.

Our vision for the future focuses on the licensing, partnering and acquisition of marketed and development-stage medicines to accelerate our growth in various therapeutic areas with high unmet treatment needs. Our business development team is constantly looking for new opportunities and via a diversified approach is able to make strategic deals that benefit our patients, our partners and our phranchisees. Please contact us at bd@galtrx.com for inquiries.